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Not resolved is a website founded by Henry Dotterer of Syracuse, New York, USA. The domain is registered like a *** site via "GoDaddy" privacy domain registration and it does not list a physical US office address but only a US PO Box.

For a "mebership fee" of 144 USD the registered freelancers receive access to job postings mainly made by translation agencies. There is also a "Certified PRO network" for paying members. However, as proz is only a website but neither an organisation, institution, association, nor registered company, proz cannot "certify" anybody legally, especially not "based on EN 15038" as they promise. The European Norm 15038 for translation services has been developed and exclusively certified by official DIN certification bodies such as DIN CERTO, TÃœV and other national certification bodies of the European Union member states. However, EN 15038 cannot be certified by organisations outside the EU and thus especially not by unregistered businesses such as Therefore the offer to receive a " Certified PRO" title and seal is in fact based on the misleading statement that the proz community could anonymously decide about certification "based on EN 15038" although nobody at holds the official authorisation to certify anybody "based on EN 15038". Finally this is not the only issue with

The "excerpt from the EN 15038 standard for quality in the translation industry" on is a copyright infringement as does not hold the reproduction rights for the English translation of DIN EN 15038, which is a copyright of Beuth Verlag GmbH.

What is more, advertises that paying members would benefit form "new client risk management" through the so-called "Blue Board" where members would be able to post non-payment issues with outsourcing agencies. However, each time a freelancer attempts to post a non-payment report or low rating, the moderators step in and make the rating invisible and so help the non-payers and other unreliable outsourcing agencies to get away with their non-payment scam. Moreover, through the moderated censorship of non-payment reports by providers, real scammers have the best ratings on the "Blue Board" and is helping them to lure more freelancers into the trap. The freelancers are wasting their time making their own experience with bad payers because is paid more by their agency customers than by their members.

Summary: is a trap for freelancers and it is a waste of time and money to buy a membership and apply to job postings. At the end of the day, the promises they made about certification and risk management turned out to be misleading statements and empty scams in support of illegal activities. Therefore, cannot be "the leading source of translation jobs and translation work for freelancers".

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Review about: Translation Job Board.

Monetary Loss: $3000.


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A Guardian blog article published in April 2012 referred to as "the world's largest translator organisation". We run a legitimate service that has helped over 50,000 translators and interpreters, as well as translation companies, expand their businesses and do better work.


Same dissappointed Proz member here. You can read my experience here :


Thank you for the above summary. I have been a non-paying contributing freelancer to Proz for 10 years and have concluded just as much from observation.

The Blue Board is a farce and provides a serious disservice to freelancers, especially newbies, whom are mistakenly under the impression that it provides a system to *** out the unscrupulous frauds and bottom-feeders that the translation industry attracts like a magnet.

Any unflattering report of impropriety may be diluted immediately on the Blue Board by the outsourcer simply by bestowing favourable ratings to a stream of freelancers, many of them new and naive, who are then grateful and "honour-bound" to return the favour.

It is needless to point out that this system is merely an indicator that the outsourcer in question may be both punctual and attentive when paying out for small jobs, but suddenly and inexplicably becomes unreachable and brazenly dishonest when the sum owing increases to several thousand Dollars/Euros, in some cases.

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